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Civil War

While researching material for my newest book, I have been talking to Civil War experts as well as visiting reenactments and historical sites. Having grown up in the Northwest, I was not familiar with a lot of the details about the war. The South is rich in history, and reminders of what shaped our country.

I pray that we’ll never be so divided again. Being human, we’ll always have our differences, but hopefully we can overcome them and appreciate each other for our “uniqueness.”

My stories are not typical romances.  Then again, what romance can truly be called “typical?” Every heart beats differently, and attractions can be something completely magical…even in times of strife.

Step back in time with me, and remember where we came from…

A time to rest…

A time for play…


It’s been awhile…

They say that when life gives you lemons, you’re supposed to make lemonade.  Hmmm…lemonade has never been one of my favorite things, unless it’s loaded with sugar, and then it’s not very good for you! I much prefer sweet tea…and there once again is “sugar.”

We recently lost a wonderful man, my father-in-law, Bill. He was a true story-teller, and always had a chuckle in his voice. He was the only man I ever knew who would order coffee as “unsweet coffee.”  He liked to stump the waitress.

He also liked to tell other stories, some of which I don’t dare re-tell, but I can say for sure that he was a blessing to me, and I’m grateful to have had him in my life these past 17 years.

I took some time away from writing, but now am anxious to get back at it. I plan to grow this website and hope to fill it with my own stories. And, from time-to-time, I may just have to insert a few of Bill’s one-liner’s.  When I do, I hope that you will hear the chuckle in my voice.